Bat Removal

Our professionals at Zapp Wildlife Management will control your bat problems. Bats have long adapted to living in attics and chimneys. Droppings on the outside of your home are usually a sign that you have a bat problem. Aside from bats being a nuisance they do carry a number of diseases and parasites and bat control should only be attempted by a professional.

Zapp Wildlife Management offers residential and commercial bat removal and control. We are fully licensed and insured with years of experience and work hand in hand with state wildlife agencies.

Bats are vital to our environment. They can consume in a single hour. They are helpful in seed dispersal and pollination. When they decide to move into your home or business; bats can create a big problem.

Human expansion and destruction of habitat have resulted in bats seeking alternative roost sites like roof voids (as small as 3/8 inch), attics, wells, buildings, and barns.

According to the Health Department, if a bat is is in your home, there is evidence that it is possible for the bat rabies virus to infect victims purely through airborne transmission, even if there was no direct contact with the bat. The biggest problems with the bats come from their droppings (or guano), diseases, and parasites.

Bats In The Attic

Zapp Wildlife Management is the leading bat removal company. We not only remove the bats, but also cleaning up any contaminants, parasites, and repairing any openings. We can even work with your homeowner’s insurance to take care of any costs. We can help you to remove bats in the attic. We use humane bat relocation practices to release the bat back into the wild. Call us today for your bat control needs.

Do not try to attempt to remove bats on your own, as they are federally protected. Do not touch any bats or disturb the droppings (guano), as it is a serious hazard. Bats are the number one carrier of rabies.

Bat Insurance Claims

Trust the professionals at Zapp Wildlife Management to work with your insurance provider to make your Bat Removal and Control problem an easy process. We work with all insurance providers to ensure that homeowner is taken care of fairly.

Contact one of Zapp Wildlife Management state certified professionals to handle your bat problems. Government agencies, property managers, businesses, and thousands of homeowners have relied on Zapp.