Rat & Mice Removal

When domesticated rats or mice are purchased from a pet store, they can be cute, intelligent and fun pets. But when wild rodents enter homes, warehouses or businesses in search of food or shelter, they become pests and you have to implement mouse control measures to remove mice and prevent their return.

Mice and rats are highly destructive. They consume 1/5 of the world’s grain supply and contaminate much more. They cause millions of dollars of damage each year to buildings, books, documents, stored foods, and clothing. Other common complaints are holes in siding, foundation disruption, and soil erosion from tunneling.

Getting rid of mice in homes and work spaces is important to ensure the health and safety of humans. It is estimated that as many as 80% of house fires of unknown origin are caused by rodents chewing through wiring in walls or other electrical equipment. Rats and mice have been implicated in transmitting over 50 diseases (viral, bacterial, parasitic) such as food poisoning, rat-bite fever, hantavirus, and intestinal worms. And both rats and mice can and do bite people.

Rodent prevention at home means practicing good sanitation inside your home, garage or barn. Even so, most homeowners will have a mouse infestation sooner or later. Once mice enter human living spaces, removal and control become necessary.

Rely on Zapp Wildlife Management for Mouse Control and Removal

Do you have a Mouse in the House? If rodents do find their way into your home, a certified rodent control and removal service should be called to eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand! You can rely on Zapp Wildlife Management to provide expert mouse control in Georgia.

How to get rid of House Mice & Rodents

Mice are not easy to eliminate. Successful Mice control requires a good working knowledge of mouse habits and a keen eye in identifying the “hot spots” in a home. Our treatment begins with a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the problem and to identify entry points. We can then customize a treatment program to match your specific needs. Zapp Wildlife Management uses modern, effective, and low-impact treatment methods for getting rid of mice or rats. Our knowledge lets us choose the best methods for your situation and needs whether it’s mice extermination or removal and relocation.

Let Us Mouse-Proof Your Home

Get rid of mice for good by mouse-proofing your home. Once the mice are removed, you need to keep them out. Mice proofing, or mouse exclusion, means taking steps to seal and close all openings that mice can use to get inside, making the need for further mice extermination less likely. A mouse can enter through a very small opening. If you can stick a wooden pencil into an opening around a pipe, for example, a mouse can probably squeeze through. If the opening is too small, but a mouse can find an edge to gnaw on, he will make that opening bigger. It only takes one or two small openings for mice to find their way in. If you don’t eliminate or seal up entry points, the mice will be back!

As part of our mouse-proofing service, we will do a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out, to locate potential rodent entry points. We then select from a variety of products and methods to mouse-proof your home and keep it rodent-free, such as installing door sweeps, thresholds, and sheet metal barriers, and caulking and screening gaps and openings. Whether you’ve had a mouse problem before or you just want to make sure you don’t have one in the future, give Zapp a call and ask about our mouse-proofing service.