Squirrel Removal

The only way to ensure the squirrels will not return is properly perform a complete exclusion seal up of your home or structure and sanitize to eliminate the pheromone-laced in the urine, Here’s why:
  • Squirrels will live in attics, walls, ceilings, and fireplaces
  • Squirrels like rats chew wires causing fires. According to US Fire Administration exposed wires cause approximately 68,000 fires a year.
  • Squirrels damage & contaminate insulation in walls and attics causing the R-Value to drop significantly thru the home/ structure – Making a litter box of your attic and walls. It Cost consumers 100s of thousands in lost energy every year.
  • Like the rat , squirrels defecate and urinate as they go, debris in spread thru out and near the nest site.
  • Squirrels – mainly diurnal ( up during the day) but true early risers, breed twice a year ( January and June) and have 1 to 4 young in the nest area.
  • Squirrels once a nest is built in a structure will always return to give birth, it's a safe place for their young.
  • Squirrel- juveniles know their home and will also nest and birth in the same structure so you can have multiple nests in one home.
  • Squirrels carry several diseases in their dropping they leave behind, including bringing fleas in your attic.
Zapp Rodent & Wildlife can safely remove the squirrel or squirrels from your home without harmful chemicals and without trapping them in the hot attic for hours. We safely allow the squirrel to continue with its routine and when the squirrel leaves the home and nest our exclusive seal up method will not allow the squirrel to return.